Our location inside Sweet Caryline's has closed. We are looking for a new home here in Cary!

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About us

Revelry Toys is a locally owned toy store opening soon in the Historic Woodstock Square area. We want to bring ridiculous amounts of fun and joy to this gem of a town and put unique and engaging toys in the hands of anyone who wants to play, create, explore, and imagine. 

Revelry Toys was founded in January of 2024 by me, Heather Weatherwax. It started with the idea that toy stores should be hands on, community centered, and just absolutely ridiculous amounts of fun for kids and adults alike. I really do believe that small things can bring big, meaningful joy to people. In late 2023, I found an opportunity to get started with my own shop by partnering with Sweet Caryline’s Candy Shop  in Cary. Unfortunately that ended with the closure of Sweet Caryline's.

When we open in our new Woodstock home, I hope you walk into Revelry and play with cool stuff you have never seen before. Seeing that initial moment of joy when someone finds a toy that is meaningful to them is a great feeling. Any time I can brighten someone’s day with some goofy toy or a super soft stuffed animal is the best time of my day. I’ve been a hardworking Christmas elf for over 20 years now. Toys are kinda my jam.

Way back in 1998, my first job was in the toy department at Walmart, which I loved. I spent 15 years in retail throughout high school, college, and graduate school, managing many departments over the years, but I always found my way back to the fun and chaos of the toy department. After that, I was fortunate enough to spend 4 years in the cozy world of neighborhood toy stores at Marvin’s Toy Store in Crystal Lake where I had the opportunity to make a bigger difference in the company and in the community. I learned a lot in my role working mostly in the backroom, and I attended some really fun trade shows. The Marvin’s crew took me in like family, and we had great times together.

I’m a big believer in education, recreation, and the arts. I have an associate’s in photography, a bachelor’s in political science from UIC, and a master’s in creative writing in fiction from SIU, where I taught English composition and creative writing courses. At the Carbondale Library, I ran a creative writing group for teens during my time in grad school. From 2020 to 2023, I was a writer for a video game studio where I wrote lore and quests for players to discover. Fun comes in all formats!

I’m originally from Georgia, and I’ve been in Illinois for about 18 years. I’ve lived in Cary for 9 years with my wonderful husband, Brian, and our 2 dogs, King Arthur and Sir Lancealittle (because he’s too small to be Lancealot!), who bring immeasurable light and joy to my life.   

Stop by and chat; I want to hear from you about toys, life, the universe, and everything!