Our location inside Sweet Caryline's has closed. We are looking for a new home here in Cary!

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Setting up and setting out to bring toys and fun to Cary

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Setting up and setting out to bring toys and fun to Cary

Space dinos out of nowhere!

Hey everyone! I'm Heather, the owner of Revelry Toys, the toy store which, from your perspective, might seem like it popped up out of nowhere last week inside of Sweet Caryline's Candy Shop in downtown Cary. Well, it kind of did to be honest! I am amazed how fast it all happened.


In January, I was home recovering from a surgery, when I decided to take up the offer that Hayley, the owner of Sweet Caryline's, made in December. She said, "you could start your own store here and we could share the space." I've been in the toy business for many years from my time as the toy department manager at Walmart to the wonderful years I spent at Marvin's toy store in Crystal Lake. Toys are what I know. Fun is what I do. I'm a joyful Christmas elf and toy enthusiast. 


So anyway. I took the plunge and started the business, letting what I know guide me through what I don't know. I have met some tremendously helpful and supportive people along the way. Hayley, of course, got me started with the basics. Jess from The Pieceful Project (Haven't heard of that yet? You WILL!), vendors (shout out to Allen!), people from the community who come into the shop for the first time or as regulars and wish me well. My husband, family, and my network of friends from the area, work, college, and grad school have all been incredibly supportive and helpful and honest with me. 


Now it's the middle of March and I have got all the hardware, software, shelving, office supplies and (some of) the merchandise, and this thing is really happening.


So what's coming up?


Well, we are gonna get some REALLY cool signage soon which I'm so excited about. The website is in the works (please excuse my mess there). And about half the total inventory is due to arrive within the next couple weeks, and we're trying to plan some kind of grand opening event. We're looking forward to warmer weather and seeing people out and about for Cruise nights and outdoor dining in our newly renovated downtown Cary. I cannot wait 'til I can have a burger from The Tracks outside...


I live here in Cary, and I think every little town needs its own toy store. It's just a different vibe than walking into a big store. It's a place where you can make real memories and browse or hang out without being overwhelmed in a huge store. Kids have monumental amounts of energy, imagination and enthusiasm. It's inspiring and something I want to preserve in myself and bring out in others. We all like to have fun, so I hope this little shop can help bring a little fun into your life too.


We have some sidewalk chalk and bubbles outside for funsies as well as selfie wall inside for glam. We have a brand new community art book we hope will be filled with local art. So come on by.



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